The Master Cleanse Diet – Is It For You?

The Master Cleanse Diet, also referred to as the Lemon Detox Diet, was developed in 1941 by Stanley Borroughs.  In fact, it was not used as a diet as such, but a cleanse, or a solution to help your body release and remove built up toxins from the body to assist the body to heal itself and maintain good health.  The Diet label eventuated, because weight loss is a natural by product of following the cleansing diet.  The Master Cleanse Diet was originally used very effectively for healing stomach ulcers.  You can read all of the details in the original Master Cleanser edition.

Stanley Borroughs stated that “cleansing is basic for elimination of every kind of disease.”  He believes that “the basic cause of disease is the habits of improper diet, inadequate exercise, negative mental attitudes, and lack of spiritual attunement, which combine to produce toxic conditions and malfunction of our bodies.”  Taken from the Master Cleanser publication, Chapter 1.

The details of the Master Cleanse Diet may propose ideas that are contrary to how we tend to view health, but Stanley Borroughs says that you will never know the benefits of what he proposes until you try it for yourself.  I have not tried this cleanse, but I have searched for information that will hopefully allow you to make your own decision as to whether you may wish to follow this approach.

The Master Cleanse Recipe

I have taken this recipe straight from the book, The Master Cleanser.  It is important to follow the directions to the letter for it to be as effective as Mr Borroughs proposes.  I have seen other recipes online which have the quantity of water listed as 10 fluid oz, which is different to the original in the book, which lists it as 8 fluid oz.

  • 2 Tablespoons lemon or lime juice
  • 2 Tablespoons genuine Organic Maple Syrup B Grade
  • 1/10 Teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to taste
  • 8 oz water, room temperature

 Combine the juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in a 10 oz glass jar that has a lid, and fill with the water. Attach the lid, and shake it up and drink. (Cold water may be used if preferred.)  Use fresh (organic) lemons or limes only.

You can drink as much of this recipe as you need to, so long as you take a minimum of 6 servings per day.  It is suggested between 6 and 12 glasses overall.  So the most effective way to make this work, is to make up enough of the master cleanse recipe that will last you for the whole day.  Exceed how much you may consume, so that you will have more than enough.  You will need to drink any time that you are hungry, as well as including lots of water, to assist your body to eliminate any toxins.  With the combination of the lemons and the maple syrup, there is more than enough vitamins and minerals to satisfy your nutrition during the fast.  If you are following the Master Cleanse Recipe for weight loss, then you can add just One tablespoon of Maple Syrup to the mixture instead of the two recommended.  I read where on lady used the 2 Tablespoons of the Maple Syrup for the first 3 days until she had become used to the fast, then dropped it back to One Tablespoon for the following 7 days, with great results.

The other necessary inclusion in the Master cleanse Diet, is a herbal laxative tea, taken morning and night, to help eliminate the toxins from the body.  This is because, without any fiber in the diet, a person will find it hard to pass any stools.  Therefore without this added help, the toxins will just be moving around the body, instead of being eliminated.  As this Master cleanse diet is recommended for a minimum of 10 days, it is important to include the tea.  If you are having lots of side effects, it is proposed that it will be because you are not having proper elimination of the toxins.   Mr Borroughs suggests, that for those who are still having problems with elimination, that it may be necessary to include a ‘Salt Water Flush’.

The Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush.

To make the salt water flush, follow the recipe directions closely:

Prepare a full quart of lukewarm water and add two level teaspoons of sea salt.  Do not use ordinary iodized salt, as it will not work properly.  Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning.

The salt and water will not separate but will stay intact and quickly and thoroughly wash the entire tract in about one hour.  Several eliminations will likely occur.  The salt water has the same specific gravity as the blood, hence the kidneys can not pick up salt.  This may be taken as often as needed for proper washing and flush of the entire digestive system.

If the salt water does not work the first time, try adding a little more or a little less salt until the proper balance is found, or possibly take extra water with or without salt.  This often increases the activity, and a proper flush.

Remember, it can do no harm at any time. The colon needs a good washing, but do it the natural way – the salt water flush way.

It is quite advisable to take the herb laxative tea at night to loosen, then the salt water each morning to flush it out. The herb laxative tea must be taken night and morning if for some reason the salt water can not be taken in the morning.

Master Cleanse Reviews

There are many Master Cleanse Reviews online, and also in the book, The Master Cleanser: With Special Needs and Problems  by Stanley Borroughs.  I have included a variety of reviews for you to follow up on, so that you can make your own assessment of their stories.  Just follow the links to view the complete articles.

The first review is by Raquel Couto, who really found the master cleanse diet a positive experience.  She lost a total of 19 pounds in her 10 day fast.

I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel very hungry at all during the day. Around dinnertime, I really wanted some food, but I had some more lemonade and the feeling passed. The next day, I felt slightly light-headed and tiny pimples had broken out all over my forehead overnight. I felt nauseous, fatigued and my muscles hurt. However, since I had read in the book that this is a normal process, which can happen as the toxins are being cleared from your body, I decided to keep going. By the end of the fourth day, my desire for food had completely passed and I was feeling fantastic. I was full of energy, clear headed, my sinuses were completely clear for the first time in ages and my skin was clearing up again. I was going to the gym for an hour or two every day and had so much energy that I would take my dog for long walks in the evening, then come home and do yoga or Pilates for an hour.  Read the full article…….

This next review is by Lisa, who is 35.  She followed the master cleanse diet for only 3 days, and did not understand the process, like Raquel did by reading the “Master Cleanser”  before she started.  So, as you can imagine, Lisa had a negative experience.  Here is just a snippet of her review:


Morning: Not hungry at all. I still think the juice tastes good. I’ve really increased the amount of cayenne I can tolerate.

Afternoon: Feeling the same as yesterday. Licking the syrup spoon is the best. Energy level is good.

3 p.m.: Feeling better than this time yesterday. But I am drinking the lemonade almost constantly without much of a break in between glasses.

“Dinner”: I’m feeling like there is no way I can skip dinner again, but I power through. My husband was not home eating dinner so that probably helped.

Before bed: I’m not hungry, but I’m wondering how I will break the cleanse in the morning. I cannot do this for one more day. On the plus side, I’ve slept really well all week and have had a clearer meditation practice.  Read the Full Article….

She still had some positive results in her review though.

I’ve also included a video review, as well as other reviews in the links below this article.  This one is by Abigail Vann Carder, who used the master cleanse diet for 40 days with amazing results.  She does explain how and why she continued the fast for that long,   stressing that this was not the first time she has used the Master cleanse diet, as she has been doing them regularly for 4 years, but never one this long.  I hope it is helpful to you.


So the Master Cleanse Diet does appeal to me, but that is not a recommendation from me, because you are the one who needs to make your own decision on this.  If you would like to try this cleanse, then I suggest that you should get the book first, and get a really good idea of what is involved.  It is under $4 if you buy it on Kindle.  I read mine on my iphone.  Also, don’t start this without the herbal tea, and being prepared to follow up with the Salt Water Flush if you need to.  Get rid of those toxins if you are prepared to do the fast.  Don’t just shift them in your system, remove them completely.

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I am a person who is working to take back my health via juicing. While searching online to learn more, I discovered that not everything is accurate, so I began collecting the good information and displaying it for others.

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